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DistantLink Mobile Video Conferencing & Telecommunications Inc.

Q - Is this service only available in Halifax?

A - No! This is a service that is available all over Canada, and the US. Soon, we will be expanding World Wide.! - Watch for DistantLink in your area!

Q - What Funeral Homes offer this service currently?

A - We are offered all over North America and are growing every day, but if your Funeral Home does not offer the DistantLink Service, have them contact us for a free trial!.

Q - If I want your service, do I have to invite friends and family who are not able to attend?

A - No - What we supply the Funeral Homes with is a sign up form where you fill out the email addresses of those that you wish to attend, and we do the rest - We send them an email with the link, password, and local time - all we ask is that you make them aware, and advise them to keep an eye open for the email.

Q - If I were to invite 3 people, does their picture just come up? Do you talk to a picture?

A - When a person is invited, they appear on the system in full live video. They can see whoever is at the kiosk, and the people at the kiosk see the person who just signed in. This is full video and audio both ways. When the second and third sign in, it is the same thing for them, except they can see the funeral home, and the others that have signed in remotely, so everybody sees everybody, and everybody can speak with everybody, all with full video and audio.

Q - We have family members that we do not want to attend - they can't get in, can they?

A - The session is password protected, so generally no they cannot. Even if another family member gives them the password, and they get in, they can be removed immediately, and their IP address banned so that they cannot get back in. This ensures that only the people that you want to attend do.

Q - My elderly mother does not have a computer, and is not healthy enough to travel - is there anything that can be done for her?

A - Yes! The Kiosk System now comes with a VOIP telephone that allows the family to call anywhere in North America for as long as they want for free. Outside of North America can also be arranged with prior notice, and a very small fee will apply. This way, if they cannot attend by video, they can be contacted and attend by phone - plus the phone is cordless, so it can be passed around anywhere within the Funeral Home. Now we truly can bring All loved ones together at their time of need.

Q - How do I arrange to pay you?

A - You don't - all the details and payment is all taken care of by the Funeral Directors. The fee is added to your overall bill.

Q - How many others are doing what you do? Is this a franchise or something?

A - There are no others doing this - this is the first of its kind in the world, and it all started right here in Nova Scotia. We are selling Licensed Dealerships across North America, but this is a completely original idea, and is currently Patent Pending.

Q - Can just anybody purchase a dealership?

A - No - for obvious reasons, we ask that the Dealer have some computer knowledge - or the ability to hire staff to run the system that knows at least computer basics as well as basic trouble shooting skills, and can react quickly to common problems, such as system crashes.


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