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What is Video Streaming?
Video streaming is a one way only video feed that is directed to a specific spot on the web. This stream allows video and audio to be transmitted with only a slight delay so that others can log onto a webpage and watch and listen to what is being transmitted. This allows people from anywhere in the world to watch and listen, however they cannot actively participate.
What are the advantages of our Streaming Service that make us better than any body else?
* BEST QUALITY - We offer up to full HD (depending on equipment and internet speed) - at No Additional Cost! (Few can do this - and they all charge extra.) Why pay more just to have decent quality?
* EASE OF VIEWING - Our viewing window can be made Full Screen - Others force a small window to save on bandwidth - we do not.
* FREE ONLINE COPIES - We offer a FREE video upload area where you can upload recordings of the event - others charge for this, or only keep it free for 90 days - we keep the videos on our server for many years, at no additional cost. (COMING SOON) - we will soon supply automatic server side recording so as soon as you finish live streaming, the code will be emailed to you allowing you to place the video on your website for on-demand viewing by any loved ones that were unable to view the live feed. again, this service will be free of charge.
* PORTABILITY - The DistantLink Mini-System can be taken to locations such as churches or graveside if required. To live stream you simply need to purchase a Mobile Internet Rocket Stick (not included) - this will allow you to have an internet connection anywhere you can get a cell phone signal - The laptop, sound devices, and camcorder have hours worth of battery power, so you can live stream even from locations that do not have electricity.
* NO HIDDEN FEES - there are no overage fees, additional costs, contracts, or surprises whatsoever. We don't need them - we are so confident that you will love our service, you will stay with us long term!

Sample Streaming Video stored on our server - No Audio -

1). Very Important - ensure a good clean internet connection. A good tip for best results is to unplug the power and re-connect your internet router so as to ensure a good clean connection - Internet connections tend to slow down if they are not reset. A clean reset connection will give you the best results.
2). Set up your equipment. (You may already have most of what is required). This usually consists of a laptop or a CPU of some sort, a conversion cable or unit for video, and a camcorder that has some sort of digital storage capacity for recordings. Sound units, such as wireless mics, lapel mics, or fixed microphone units ensure the best sound. Things like mic stands and tripods are optional, depending on your set-up. DistantLink offers complete streaming equipment for purchase, that can be found HERE.
3). Once your equipment is in place, you will need a program to capture and encode the video and audio, and stream it to the web. The program of choice is Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, that can be downloaded from the Adobe webpage (or is included and already configured on the DistantLink equipment). We supply you with a unique "stream" that will automatically direct the stream to a webpage that only you use. We can supply you with a webpage for your use, or we can give you the code so that you can cut and paste it within your own webpage. Some samples of DistantLink supplied webpages can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE. (These are supplied free of charge.)

4). Once all above steps are in place and tested, you simply need to power on all equipment, ensure good placement of your microphone unit, and optimal placement of your camera. It is always a good idea to place the equipment somewhere where the attendees will not trip over the cables. Safety first! When this is done, launch the already configured Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder software. When ready to transmit, simply press the green "START" button located on the middle bottom of the prograam window. That's it - you are live streaming! (It is always a good idea to go to the streaming webpage from a different computer to ensure that you have good picture and sound.) You can adjust the stream from standard definition (500 KBPS) all the way up to high definition (1500 KBPS) or higher, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

A good rule of thumb is that regular High Speed (10 - 15 KBPS down and .65 - 2 KBPS up) will support standard definition easily. If you have higher than those speeds, you can adjust Bit Rate higher to produce a better picture. If you have Fiber Op, or 50 -100 KBPS download and 15 - 30 KBPS upload, you can adjust the bit rate to around 1500 KBPS which will give you an HD feed, if your camera supports HD.

5). Once the event is complete, press the red "STOP" button and exit the program to ensure the stream is ended. You can then upload the recording directly from your camcorder to our supplied video upload area - we will supply you with your very own ID for your use. It will ask you for some basic information, such as the name of the deceased, your name and email address. There is a percentage complete indicator that will let you know how close to complete you are. Once 100% complete, you will automatically be sent an email with the code to embed the video on your website if you like, and a permalink to the video on our server - if you click that link, there is a "Share This Video" button on the bottom - this will allow you to send the link to the video, displayed on a clean white page, to the family, in most cases around a half hour after the end of the event. This makes burning a DVD copy unnecessary, however your camcorder should have a "One Touch DVD Burn" function that will allow you to quickly burn a DVD to give to the family, shoul you wish to. All recordings uploaded to our server remains on our servers for many years to come at no additional cost.
Thats It - tear down the equipment and store it for the next event if required.

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